HIV Made Me Fabulous is a 10-minute film that tells the personal story of Juno Roche, a writer, activist, and trans woman, who has been living with HIV for over 25 years. Grounded in HIV science, the film examines issues related to HIV, intersectionality, and sexual health equity through embodied storytelling.

Embodied storytelling is an arts-based method that uses movement and dance to connect the viewer physically and emotionally to the story. The film features voice-over narration by Juno Roche and three performers who represent Juno’s story visually. During the film, the women prepare to meet a potential lover, find the courage to knock on their door, and ride the emotional journey that ensues.

The goal of the film is to share evidence-based information about HIV and sexual health and contribute towards the elimination of stigma against women living with HIV. Please watch the film, share your reflections via a short survey, and create awareness by hosting a screening with students, friends, colleagues, or family members.




For more information or to share your experiences of screening the film, please contact the Co-Principal Investigators of this project: Dr Allison Carter (, based in Sydney, Australia) and Dr Angela Kaida (, based in Vancouver, Canada).

“This film, this project, felt so utterly important as it set out to encapsulate a depth of feelings rather than ‘another reductive surface level work about the difficult lives of women living with HIV’, it allowed words, hopes, fears and thoughts to flourish into life and breath.” Writer and Narrator Juno Roche